Herzlich Willkommen! Ferienwohnung Anton & Braun
HerzlichWillkommen! FerienwohnungAnton & Braun

Dear Guest!


We are working hard on being able to offer you that website in English.

For the meanwhile we apologize and hope that you'll find the informations you are looking for.

Please feel free and invited to contact us for any questions you may have.

You can either use the contact-sheet which you can find in the category "Preise / Buchen" and then click "Buchen" on the right side.


Or you give us a call: +49 173 842 07 98

We're looking forward to your requests.


Best regards,


Eleonore Anton & Ludwig Braun


You made your way to our little Homepage, thanks for that!


No matter if you are looking for a flat for just one or two nights or if you are looking for a little "home" for a longer stay: you are very welcome!


On the following pages we want to introduce you to our offers.


We are working on the translation for all categories but that will still take some time.

For the meanwhile please check the "ENGLISH" page for further informations!


To get an impression of what our nice and lovely place looks like, have a look at the category "Bilder" - Those pictures don't need a translation!


Nevertheless we wish you a good time clicking your way through our homepage. You are welcome to send us any kind of request or just leave a comment in the Guestbook ("Gästebuch")!


Best regards, Family Anton Braun

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